Message to Gallagher and Vulcan

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Message from Mina to her two lovely (if a little difficult) admirers.

Hi Guys! Emma says I need to write you a message….

Apparently I owe you both an apology. See I think you’re both great, cialis buy I don’t favour one over the other. Thing is I get so bored here surrounded by..

midgets… So talking to you and seeing pics is great fun – it’s nice to know there are other proper sized people about!
So I got you presents to say sorry, cialis usa for leading you on… if that’s what I have been doing.

Sprout, can I have the presents please

HAI!! I Haz an Egg!

Thanks sweetie, can I have it?

Ummm, no egg! None, all gone.

One egg, Sprout where’s the other egg? One will lead to more fighting!

*tickle* Give me the other egg you little monkey!

See, these guys are driving me crazy!

Anywhere here you go, for you guys! I look forward to seeing more pics of you both soon.

— Bonus

Hmmm, I could use some chocolate myself


Still friends

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