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This kind of relates to the previous story. My girls characters are coming together and a plotline is emerging 🙂

Quiet day at home, viagra sale the girls are playing with their toys…

Mina: I’ve been chatting with some men on the internet, I met them on flickr. They seem really nice. I’d love to meet them.
Rowan: mmhmm *brum*
Mina: They come from Australia though, so I guess that’ll never happen.
Rowan: mmmh… Where?
Mina: Australia – it’s on the other side of the world.

Piper: Other side of the world?
Claudia: Wha?

Piper: Can we go there?
Claudia: Other side? What’s that mean?
Mina: oh, wait there I’ll get a map

Piper + Claudia: oooooh, pretty!
Mina: So this is the world
Rowan: It’s round?
Mina: Yes

Mina: This is where we live, England.
Rowan: It’s tiny… how come we don’t go to the seaside more?
Mina: It’s bigger than it looks.
Claudia: pretty pink!

Mina: and Australia is all the way over there.
All: ooooh


Mina: It’s very big
Claudia: It’s pink too!
Rowan: So this is the bottom of the ball?
Mina: ummm, yeeees

Sprout: No silly, everyone be upside down! all fall off!?

Mina: *groan* No… I think it’s a bit more complicated than that.
Piper: How then?
Mina: I don’t know… they just don’t

Mina: But that’s not the most amazing thing… they can do magic, real magic!
Piper: But we…
Claudia: shh Piper no.

Piper: It’s ok Claudie… But we can do magic too! see.
Mina + Rowan: *gasp*
Claudia: *nnooo*

— Bonus —

Sprout: Upside down *hehehehe*

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