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This follows on from Geography lesson

Mina and Rowan are human
Piper and Claudia can use magic and appear not to be – though this is news to Mina and Rowan!

Claudia: Piper, cialis sale why did you show them we were different? you know we’re meant to keep it a secret.

Piper: I’m sorry Claudie, I thought they deserved to know, they’re so nice!
Claudia: I know, but now they wont treat us like they used to *sniff*

Piper: I can make them forget again?
Claudia: NO!

Piper: Well what do you want Claudie?
Claudia: I don’t know, I don’t want to get in trouble with the others… If they find out we’re in big trouble
Piper: hmmm

Piper: Maybe I should make them forgot, if they tell anyone…
Claudia: no, I’ll go talk to them… it’d be nice if they knew.


Mina: Ro, do you remember Piper and Claudia coming here?
Rowan: umm, yeah, sure…

Rowan: didn’t uncle… no we met them at the… beause they… umm.. no?
Mina: That’s what I thought, I can’t remember either.

Rowan: But I know they’re cousins, and we need to look after them
Mina: yes, yes I *know that*

Rowan: Oh and another thing…
Mina: hmm?

Rowan: I want to learn to do magic too!
Mina: *wha*!?
Rowan: What? If they’re allowed!

Mina: Rowan, I think it’s more complicated than that sweetie!
Rowan: No, it’s not fair – they’re smaller than me!

Mina: Ro, it’s not like that… this is all new to me too. I just don’t think we *can* do magic

Rowan: NO you just don’t want me to!

Claudia: What’s going on?
Rowan: She wont let me do magic!

Claudia: I’m sorry Rowan, it doesn’t work like that… y’see we’re not humans, we’re fairies… so we’re born being able to do magic. Our guardians put false memories in your heads so you wouldn’t send us away… we’re here to learn about being human y’see. But we can go… if you want.

Mina: No Claudia, you’re family… now.
Rowan: We love you guys!

Rowan: You want to help me make pretties?
Claudia: oooh, pretties!

Mina: Love you guys
Claudia: help me get this lid off?


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