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I’ve had my girl Mina for a while now but I never got round to posting her box opening, viagra canada this time I was determined to try and be patient, viagra sale so even though the light was going I took some pics!

big SHINY box – yay!! I wasn’t expecting him so soon because of the Volcano – very excited!

Mina: Oooh, pretty! Are these my clothes you ordered?
Me: Nope, much better!


Mina: Hey, who’s this guy… why does this box look so familiar?
Me: Why don’t we open it and have a look?

Mina: These are too big *frown*
Me *thinking*: if these aren’t on theeeen

Mina: eeep, knees!

*foam removal*

Mina: Oh… ummmm… ah
??: Hi, thanks!

??: Pleased to meet you.
Me: Ok, nice… trousers?!

??: hmm, better.
Me: oh wow.. how about a shot of you two together?

??: Is that ok Mina?
Mina: Oh, ummm

Me: bit closer…


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