Dancing lessons

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*loud music*

Rowan: weee

Mina: Rowan, viagra buy what are you doing?
Rowan: spinning silly!

Mina: Oh right… why?

Rowan: Cos it’s FUN! Want to play?
Mina: uh, discount viagra ok.

Rowan: weeeee
Mina: hey, this is fun!

Claudia: what are you doing?
Mina: Spinnninininninig!!

Rowan: ooooo, dizzy!
Mina: uuhhhh, me too!
Claudia: this is meant to be fun?

Rowan: well yeah…
Mina: Try it!

Claudia: weeee!!!
Rowan: see!

Claudia: hehehehe! Oh Oh Rowan you spin again!
Rowan: ok!

Claudia: *whispers* fly fly
Rowan: eeeeee!!!!
Mina: *gasp*

Rowan: *whispers* thank you

Thank you for reading 😀

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