Message to Kid and Gabriel

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Reply to a message from Ninas Shushu (as yet unnamed)

Hi there, buy viagra umm. Kid? Is it ok if I call you that? Seems a bit funny *grin* hope you find your real name soon!

I didn’t know Gabriel was getting a flat mate. I hope your clothes turn up soon, viagra I remember when I got here all my stuff took forever to arrive! Gabriel and I haven’t been in touch for a while… since we met up really…

I, um, I didn’t think he’d remember me really… we only met the once, and exchanged a few messages, I’ve not heard from him for ages. I … errr… I didn’t think he was… that we…. umm.

Oh! I hear we’re all meeting up soon!? It’ll be great to meet you, we’ll have to have a good catch up then ok!?

I laughed so much at your message… you have to go easy on Gabriel *grin* poor guy. I don’t think he’s used to having a woman around, and he’s pretty shy…

*muffled thud* 
*sound of shrieking getting louder*

Rowan what are you doing!!
 *Rowan: noooothing*
come here now!

Mina: What…
Rowan: ummm, we’re just playing!
Mina: put her down… please.

Sprout: ooooh dizzy head!
Mina: Rowan, say sorry to Sprout
Rowan: sry…
Mina: Right, come say hello to Gabriels new friend

Sprout: HAIIII!
Rowan: hello
Mina: This is Rowan my little sister and Sprout… who lives with us. you’ll meet them too soon…

Rowan: Mina… can we have cookies?
Mina: Fine… go help yourself

*grins* I’d better go make sure they don’t fill up on chocolate, but I’ll see you really soon!

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