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Hi Anna, viagra canada I’m so glad you remembered your name! I hope the rest of your memories come back to you soon.

I love your new clothes, I think we’ve got some more stuff for you coming here – something about saving on shipping *shrugs* I’ll try to get it to you as soon as possible! I can’t wait for my new clothes.

ohhh, Gabriel… I was so surprised when you said he had feelings for me, I really didn’t know!

and then when you said he was 18… eek! I know 4 years isn’t a huge age difference but… I guess I feel older than I am, and 18 is young. I hope he’ll understand. I guess we’d better have a chat when we meet up.

I don’t have much in the way of experience, well… anything really. I would like to meet someone.

*sigh* maybe one day I’ll meet someone.

I’m glad you and Gabriel have made friends, it’s important to get on with the people you live with. I’m sure you’ll have fun together.

Rowan and Sprout… yeah, they’re a handful. Lots of fun though! There are two others here as well – Claudia and Piper, they’re only little but just as much trouble! I’m not sure if they’re coming to meet up or not yet. But Rowan definitely wants to come and meet you both.

We’ll see you soon anyway, keep in touch!

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