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We’re visiting a friend tomorrow and Mina’s pretty excited, cialis generic this started out as me just getting them ready to go, then turned into a photostory!

Mina: Guys come on, we’re going soon!

Rowan: I’m ready!!!

Mina: you’re not going in that dress are you?

Rowan: YES! Anna’s a dancer, she can teach me to dance!

Mina: Ok, fine, just go get your shoes on. We’ll be late!

Rowan: yippeee, thanks Mina!

Mina: Mmmhmmm, *shouts* Claudia, Piper!

Piper: We’re ready!
Mina: you’re wearing pajamas?

Claudia: No, not jamas, they’re summer clothes!

Mina: I don’t think it’s that warm, you have anything more suitable?

Piper: More suitable…
Claudia: hehehe


Claudia: That better Mina?
Mina: Aah, errr, yeah… thanks.

Mina: Go get your shoes on with Rowan

Rowan: That was really cool!
Piper: thanks *grin*

Mina: *shouting* SPROUT!

Sprout: eeeeeeee here I come!!!

Sprout: Tadaaaa here I am!
Mina:  nnnnnnnn

*not so stifled giggles*

Mina: right, that’s it… I’ve had enough

Mina: I’ll be in the car!!

Bonus, proof that they did all get ready to go!

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