Ballet Lessons

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I went to visit a friend, viagra usa and her dolls, viagra sale yesterday. Anna belongs to Nina (Mystaia on DOA and flickr)


Rowan: Hi, you’re Anna! Mina says you can dance right? Can you teach me? Look I have a pretty dress!
Anna: Oh! Are you Mina’s little sister?


Rowan: yep, it’s Rowan, so will you? Teach me?


Rowan: I can do the robot like this!


Anna: Ok, that’s pretty cool, like this?!
Rowan: yep, but I want to do ballet…


Anna: Ok, lets do some moves. We start like this.


Rowan: mmhmm, pointy toes, circle hands got it.


Claudia: What’cha doin?
Rowan: Ballet!
Anna: Why don’t you have a go?


Anna: Ok, then move into this pose.


Anna: Then to this, very good! More point on your toes please. Eyes follow the hand.
Momoko: Yay!


Anna: Grande finale to finish, nice point on your toes again please.
Momoko: *spins*


Anna: Well done guys! Great work!
Rowan: Thank you!!
Claudia: yay!

Bonus – firm friends!

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