A confession

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While the girls were being looked after by Nina, generic viagra Gabriel and Mina went out for a walk, buy viagra the message they’re talking about is on DOA here : http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?371301


Mina: This is a really great place, you’re lucky to live so close.
Gabriel: Mmm… y’know? I’m glad we finally managed to get some time alone…
Mina: Yeah, it can be pretty noisy with the kids around.
Gabriel: I just… wanted to te- talk… about stuff…
Mina: ah…


Gabriel: I’m really sorry about the message with Anna, I didn’t know she was going to get me involved, and it all got a bit out of hand.
Mina: oh, yes… I saw that.
Gabriel: Anna said a lot of things… you know. Normally I’d just shrug and say it’s not true…

Gabriel: But see, the thing is, she wasn’t all wrong…
Mina: Oh… ok.

Gabriel: Shall we go for a walk?
Mina: Yeah, that’s a good idea


Mina: *smile* thank you
Gabriel: No problem


Mina: Oh *steps away*

Gabriel: Um, so… Yeah, I really like you, Mina. I think… I… maybe, um… Maybe I love you.
Mina: *thinking, oh nooo*


Mina: I, ah, I didn’t know… that you, um, you felt that way about me… I’m really sorry.
Gabriel: Sorry? 

Mina: Gabriel, I’m 22, and you’re…. 18. I know that might not seem like a big age difference, to you. But I… I feel older.. I’ve been caring for Rowan since I was 19… and…


Gabriel: Oh… *pauses and looks at Mina’s kitty shoes* So I’m not mature enough for you?
Mina: Oh, well… it’s not just that!

Gabriel: So you don’t like me?

Mina: NO! no, I do like you, I think you’re a great guy!

Gabriel: I’m a great guy, but…?


Mina: I, I guess I just think of you as a friend?


Gabriel: *looks at shoes* But if I was older? If I was different…?
Mina: *walks away*


Mina: Oh Gabriel, I’m really not the right girl for you. The girls, they’re all I have time for, I need to be there for them… all the time.


Gabriel: I would do anything to make it work! I don’t mind if you’re busy…


Gabriel: But… I get it. You just want to be *sigh* "friends".
Mina: Is it really that bad? … it’s kind of all I have to give at the moment


Gabriel: I dunno…
Mina: you, you don’t want to be friends, if that’s all there is?
Gabriel: No… I dunno. Yeah, I guess being friends would be good…
*Mina shuffles over*


Gabriel: But… I would have liked to be more than just friends.
Mina: I know Gabriel, that’s why I’m sorry.


Mina: I mean it about being friends though, it’s not a brush off… I’d love to speak with you, and get to know you better.
Gabriel: Yeah, actually… I never had friends when I was a kid, but always wanted them.


Gabriel: Having you as a friend would mean a lot to me.
Mina: *smile* me too.


Gabriel: But, if you ever do want anything more…
Mina: Gabriel… *gets to feet*


Gabriel: I’m sorry, friends right.

Mina: Aww, come here you *pulls in for a hug*
Gabriel: Yeah, having a friend is nice…



BONUS: What Gabriel was *actually* thinking…


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