Is he ok? – message to Anna

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Following the meet up, generic viagra and conversation previously Mina is worried about Gabriel, and wants to check in with Anna to make sure he’s ok.

Mina: Hey Anna! How are you, it was great meeting up! Rowan hasn’t stopped talking about you *smile* 

Mina: I, uh, I guess Gabriel has told you what happened when we went for a walk…


Mina: it was really hard, I, I don’t know how he took it… I wondered if you could… I dunno, make sure he’s ok?

Mina: I guess I can’t ask you that really, but he seemed so… I don’t know.


Mina: I don’t think he took it well.


Mina: urgh, what a mess. 

Mina: I guess I’m not coping well either! I hate that I’ve hurt him.


Mina: But he’s 18 right… he’ll get over it? Isn’t that what being a teenager is about?


Mina: I do want to be his friend though, I hope I haven’t ruined that. He’s such a nice guy… I feel terrible.


Mina: Oh I really shouldn’t be talking to you about this should I… but I don’t know who else I can!


Mina: I’d better go, I hope I’ll see you soon, if I’m still welcome at your house I guess.



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