Mina needs a hug

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This story continues straight on from Mina’s message to Anna

Mina is feeling very down about what happened between her and Gabriel, best viagra she feels it’s her fault that he is hurting. Mina tries very hard to take care of everyone, but this time she can’t seem to find a way to fix things.

My camera wasn’t playing nicely for this one, so I appologise for the blurry shots.



Piper: Hi Mina, we’re going to play outside, you want to come with us?
Mina: hmm?


Piper: play, outside?

Mina: Oh, uh, no. I’m ok here thanks



Piper: What’s the matter Mina? You’ve not been right since we got back from Annas.

Mina: Oh, oh… it’s nothing Piper, don’t worry.

Piper: You know, I’ll probably worry more if you don’t tell me…

Mina: ah, yes.


Mina: Ok, come and sit down.

Mina: you remember Gabriel and I went for a walk?

Piper: mmhmm, while the others were dancing.



Mina: Well, Gabriel had some stuff to talk about with me… and I, I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

Piper: Gabriel upset you?!

Mina: well…


Piper: Right, that’s it – I’m turning him into a frog!


Mina: NO! no Piper, it wasn’t like that

Piper: or a slug maybe…

Mina: Piper, come here.


Piper: Mina, if he upset you…


Mina: No Piper, I upset him… and that’s what’s made me sad.

Piper: I don’t understand at all!

Mina: I know. sorry.


Mina: Gabriel wanted us to be more than friends… he, he thinks he loves me, and I don’t feel that way about him.

Piper: Oh… I see.

Mina: You, you do?

Piper: Oh yes, all little fairies are taught about that… we’re warned not to get involved with humans and love… it’s a messy business.


Mina: Yeah, it really is.

Piper: We’re also told that hugs help… and chocolate.


Mina: you know, you’re absolutely right. A hug would be perfect.


Piper: *whispers* but if he does hurt you, I can turn him into a frog y’know

Mina: *whispers back* I’ll bear that in mind

Thank you for reading 🙂

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