Things that go bump in the night

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Quick intro to characters – Mina is Rowans sister who is taking care of her as Rowans mother died and their father doesn’t want children around. Piper is a fairy who lives with them. You can read the rest of my stories on here 🙂




Mina: What’s that?!

Mina: Oh.. there’s someone downstairs!

Mina: oh heck… what should I do…

Mina: and I said Dad was crazy for insisting I kept this here…

Mina:  Ooooo, discount cialis what am I going to do!

?: hmm, nice place!


?: uuuuuh


Mina: Oh no… I’ve killed him!

?: Wha, what did you do that for?!

Mina: You’re alive!!
?: mmmm, just about.

?: you’re lucky I have a thick skull! What were you thinking?!

Mina: Wait, what?! You broke in here! Oh, I have to call the police!

??: urh, I guess your father didn’t tell you I was coming? He gave me a key.

Mina: What, why would he do that? Who are you?

?: I’m Theo, I’m Rowans uncle.

Mina: No you’re not. Lara didn’t have any brothers. Try again…

Theo: It’s more of a great uncle…

Piper: Miiiinaaaa, what’s going on!?

Mina: Oh, Piper, don’t worry honey, go back to bed.

*tooth glint*

Piper: *gasp*

Rowan: Min… wha’s happening?

Rowan: who’re you talking…



Theo: hmm, hey Rowan.
Rowan: oops, sorry uncs.

Piper: Mina… we need to talk…

Mina: Piper… really this isn’t the time.

Theo: Shall we all go to bed and talk about this in the morning?

Mina: Ok, right… fine. Bed everyone!

Mina: Man, this had better be a dream…

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