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Rowan ended up in Mina’s bed, tadalafil Mina has a few things on her mind.


Mina: Rowan, wake up.

Rowan: hmmm, nooo

Mina: Come on Ro, I want to talk

Rowan: don’t wanna go to school.

Mina: It’s not a school day, wake up
Rowan: Oh! why do I have to wake up then?

Mina: I wanted to talk to you about your uncle Theo

Rowan: so he did come, it wasn’t a dream?

Mina: No, he’s here. But who is he? I’ve never heard you or Lara talk about him.

Rowan: he used to come and visit, and take us out for the day. Think it was while you were at school. He’s mummy’s uncle really. not mine. She called him Uncle Theo too.

Mina: but he can’t be much older than me… if at all.

Rowan: I don’t know, he always seemed really old to me

Mina: Hey! thanks a lot shrimp!
Rowan: oop, sorry

Mina: Don’t worry about it.
Rowan: Can uncle Theo stay though?!

Mina: I guess so… I am going to be calling our Father today though. Giving him a key…

Rowan: it will be nice for you to have another grown up to talk to though, right?

Mina: Don’t you go getting any ideas missy!

Rowan: sorry Mina

Mina: it certainly will be different having someone come to visit though. We’d better get up and find some breakfast hadn’t we.
Rowan: ooh, yes please

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    • Thank you – I love taking pics of these two together (they’re my favourites – shhhh) I didn’t get a new camera – I think the lighting is just nice in this one!

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