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Piper: aha!


Piper: oh!


Theo: Morning fairy. you locked me in?


Piper: I didn’t want us all killed in our beds.


Theo: Oh, discount viagra a brave fairy. You didn’t think I could climb out the window?


Piper: Oh! oh… I forgot about that.


Theo: Indeed, generic viagra and yet you all seem to be alive. I didn’t come here to cause trouble. I came to visit Rowan.


Piper: Why, what is she to you?


Theo: As I said, she’s my neice, or great, great.. something neice at least.


Piper: and you will be leaving when exactly?


Theo: my goodness you are brave! Most little fairies would just run, yet you ask questions.


Piper: yes well, you’re in my home threatening my family.


Theo: *laugh* you are a brave little fairy aren’t you…


Theo: so what’s your name?
Piper: Piper.


Theo: ok Piper. I’m here to visit Rowan, and ensure she is well and happy. I mean none of you any harm, and I will be gone soon.


Theo: I would rather Rowan and Mina didn’t know what I am, while I’m here. It would only worry them.


Theo: Can you keep a secret for me?
Piper: and you will be gone soon?
Theo: yes


Piper: Fine… deal.
Theo: Thank you. Deals with fairies, whatever next!


Piper: a deal with a vampire… Claudia’s going to be so cross.

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