Getting things straight

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 The morning after Theo arrives, viagra sales him and Mina get a chance to talk.

Mina: Hey Dad, viagra buy so… anything to tell me?……. no…… how about you’ve given the keys to a random man and he’ll be popping in when he likes?


Mina: No, I didn’t get the email from your secretary……… I don’t know……. well maybe you should have called us yourself? wouldn’t have killed you.


Mina: yes, so he came last night, Rowan’s thrilled of course….. I don’t know….. I guess it’s ok if he stays


Theo: *whisper* Oh.

Mina: yes Dad, I had noticed he’s quite good looking….. I hope you’re not trying….. I wouldn’t say spinster exactly!!

Mina: Dad! I’m 22 and I do have male friends thank you!

Theo: *grin*


Mina: I don’t care what age *you* got married… I can handle it myself thank you.


Mina: Look, just leave it. He’s here, he can visit as long as he wants. Feel free to call whenever, I’m sure Rowan would love to talk to you….. bye.

Mina: *sigh*

Mina: So now he decides to get involved in my life, huh.


Mina: It never worried him before what I was…. Oh!


Theo: Good Morning

Mina: were you… listening?!


Theo: I, uh, may have overheard the end of your conversation. I gather you were talking to your Father?

Mina: Oh… yes, I was letting him know you’d arrived.

Mina: he, ah, he seems to think there’s a chance we might be, ah, friends. Well more than friends.

Theo: Oh, well I’m sure you were able to assure him that nothing like that would occur between us.

Theo: Thank you for letting me stay, I’m sure your father will have no problem with my behaviour towards you while I am here.

Mina: *quietly* no, right.


Theo: good…. *quiet sigh*

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