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 Theo is settling in well to life with the girls.


Rowan: Come on Uncle Theo, viagra usa it’s your turn.


Theo: Ok, viagra sales ok, two sevens


Rowan: Huh, sevens… right.


Mina: Hi guys, what are you doing?
Rowan: Cheat, and I’m winning!


Mina: Very good, looks like fun.
Theo: You can play for me, I’m being beaten by these guys.
Mina: *hehe*, No you carry on.


Rowan: Ok, one eight


Piper: An eight?! sure you don’t have sixes?
Theo: Oh come on Piper, you must have something in that huge pile?!


Piper: Well yes, but my hands aren’t big enough to hold them all…. ok here 5 nines.


Rowan: PIPER… you can’t HAVE five nines!!
Piper: Are you calling me a cheat? Do you want to see?
Theo: Piper, using magic to change the cards is definitely cheating?!


Piper: The game is called cheat!
Rowan: Show me, now – and no magic! We told you last time there are no “kitten” cards!
Mina: Welll, I can see this is going well – I’ll be leaving now.


Piper: Hunfff, fine. I’ll get MORE massive cards to sort through then.
Rowan: Good, y’big cheater!


Piper: Hey… you didn’t put an eight down!
Rowan: Hehe, nope!


Rowan: But you didn’t call me on it, and I’m a better cheater than you *grin*¬† Uncs, your go.




Rowan: Ummm, Theo?


Theo: Huh, hey Uncle Theo to you kiddo!


Theo: Right ok, uuuh, two kings.


Rowan: Yesss! three queens and out!!
Piper: No WAY!!! show me!


Rowan: Read em and weep guys…
Piper: Nononono not fair!


Rowan: Haha, losers, I’m going to tell Mina!
*runs off*


Theo: She’s a terrible winner isn’t she!
Piper: YES!

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