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Following on from Mystaia’s amazing stories here:
and here:

Anna sent a message to Mina to ask for help here:

This is Mina’s reply, viagra generic we’re meeting up soon and hoping to do one or two joint stories 😀

Mina: Hey Anna! I was really surprised to get your last message, cialis canada I really didn’t see that coming!


Mina: I guess Gabriel took it really bad… PJs for a week! Really? That’s bad *frown*I hope he’s ok when we meet up.


Mina: But your news… that’s… wow.


Mina: I mean, it’d be great! He’s so lovely, and he really wants to be with someone!!


Mina: Oh! But what if you find out you’re not that into him… you sound really uncertain… are you really?


Mina: Because that would be pretty awful.. specially after what happened with us.


Mina: Then having to live with him too… I mean I love Gabriel…


Theo: Hey, what are you doing?

Mina: Oh, hi! I’m sending a message to Anna, we’re going to see them at the weekend? We just had some stuff to catch up on first.


Theo: *smoulder* Hey Anna, see you soon.


Mina: *whispers* That’s Theo… I’ll tell you all about it later!


Mina: But yea, I really love Gabriel as a friend, and you too.. and I’d hate for either of you to get hurt…


Mina: So I guess, my advice is to wait, make sure that he’s what you really want – and don’t lead him on *grin* and we’ll catch up soon!


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