Don’t bet what you can’t lose!

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Just an everyday story with my guys 🙂


Rowan: Mina, cialis buy can I borrow your pretty skirt?
Mina: shush Rowan, cialis sales why do you need my skirt?

Rowan: oh, ummm, we’re playing dress up!

Mina: Ooookay, sure, help yourself.
Rowan: Thanks!

Mina: hmmmm

*muffled* Theo: No way!
Mina: *sigh* what now.

Mina: *laugh* what’s going on??

Theo: Oh! Hi, I, uh, I lost a bet.
Claudia: Theo is our dolly!

Mina: Ah, I see… very nice.
Rowan: But he’s cheated! He wont wear the skirt and dance with us!

Theo: Mina, help!?

Mina: *laughing* wellll, I don’t know, you did loose the bet…

Theo: Argh, fine! Gang up on me then! Women!


Theo: Happy??


Rowan: Yay!! Dance with me first!


Piper: Me, me!!
Claudia: Oh and me too!

Theo: Mina? Will you dance too?
Mina: Oh, oh I don’t know.

Rowan: Come on Mina!

Mina: Oh!

Mina: whoa!

Rowan: Yay!!! * claps*


Mina: *blush* Oh, I, ah… oh!


Theo: I, I’m sorry, I got carried away…

Mina: That’s ok


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