20 Questions

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A chance for Mina and Theo to get to know each other better…

Theo: I’m going out Mina, best viagra I’ll see you tomorrow.
Mina: Oh, Theo?

Theo: Hmm?
Mina: Have you got time to chat? 

Theo: Oh sure, lets grab a seat. 

Mina: You, ah, you’ve been here a while now…

Theo: Oh, you’re wondering when I’m leaving?

Mina: No! No, it’s nice to have you here, the girls adore you *smile*
Theo: They’re a lot of fun! Then what did you want Mina?

Mina: Well, we haven’t had much chance to talk. You go out every evening so I haven’t had a chance to get to know you.

Theo: Oh well, I thought that would be best, I know you didn’t really want me here. I don’t want to invade your space.

Mina: I, I didn’t *not* want you here… and now you are here, and such a good friend to the girls I’d like to be friends too. I don’t know anything about you!

Theo: Oh, right. What did you want to know?

Mina: Oh, oh I don’t know… where do you live?
Theo: Ah 20 Questions *grin* I don’t have a settled home, I travel around a lot.

Mina: Huh, ok. Where are your other family?
Theo: I, don’t have any other family now – just Rowan.

Mina: Oh, then why did it take you so long to come visit?

Theo: As I say, I travel a lot. I wasn’t aware Lara had married, or even had a child… then when I did find out she’d died leaving Rowan I had to find out where she was… it took a while to track you guys down.

Mina: This is all very strange!
Theo: I know, I’m sorry… I don’t lead a very ordinary life I guess.

Mina: No, sounds like it.
Theo: *smile* was there anything else?

Mina: Oh, I’m sorry. This must not be very interesting for you!
Theo: Not at all, I’m not used to people asking questions.
Mina: So, uh, Theo… is that Theodore or just Theo?

Theo: Actually it’s Theodoropholopolis
Mina: *gasp* really!?
Theo: No *wink* it’s Theodorus
Mina: Huh.

Theo: More?
Mina: Hmm, not at the moment… Though you don’t have to go out every night, you can stay in if you want. I don’t want you to feel unwelcome here

Theo: I don’t feel unwelcome! I’m sorry if you thought that. I just, I know I’m not going to be here long so I thought I’d keep out the way.
Mina: Oh, that’s another thing. You can stay longer, the girls love having you here, and it’s nice for me to get a chance to read!

Theo: Thank you. I, I’ll let you know.

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  1. aw :3 Theo is so cute … he reminds me of my Tristan xP! … guess vampires do have something in commen? he he, either way, i hope Theo is going to be satying for a loooong while longer ^^! sneaking out every night … yeah … wonder what he is out doing … probably the same as Tristan?

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