What happened?

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The second of the photostories Mystaia and I made at the dolly meet 🙂

Gabriel: I should’ve just stayed at home…

Gabriel: ???

Gabriel: Hey… um… reading anything interesting?

Egg: Umm, sildenafil no not really. I’m just waiting…

Gabriel: Oh, well, my name’s Gabriel.

Egg: Hi, my name’s Seraphine, but…

Gabriel: *gasp* What like, an angel!

Egg: Heh, yeah that’s right. I’m an angel!

Gabriel: Oh I’m so glad you’re here…

Gabriel: It feels like I’ve waited forever!

Anna: …so then I grabbed the handcuffs…

Anna: *gasp* What? What’s going on? Who’s this?

Mina: Gabriel, what are you doing?

Gabriel: I, I…

Gabriel: *whisper* What can we tell them?

Egg: What?! I, I…

Egg: I don’t know!!!

Egg: Miiiinaaa!
Gabriel: Huh?!

Anna: *whisper* What the hell is going on?

Gabriel: I don’t know!
Anna: What do you mean you don’t know?!
Gabriel: I don’t know!!!

Egg: I thought you said Gabriel was a nice guy?!
Mina: Yeah… I… it must be…

Rowan: What’s all the noise?

Anna: Oh, Rowan! I, we…

Rowan: I heard shouting?

Mina: Oh, Ro, everything’s ok.

Anna: Gabriel was just… Gabriel??
Rowan: He, uh…. he went that way.

Egg: What just happened?!

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