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Following on from the last story Egg is still wondering just what happened!

Egg: *sigh* This book is so dull! I can’t believe I have to read it before term starts.


Egg: Argh, viagra generic it would help if I could concentrate!

Egg: I wish I could stop thinking about what happened at the meet…

Egg: Why would he just hug me like that… he seemed so desperate…

Egg: Mina says he’s a nice guy… and he didn’t seem like a *bad* guy. But I don’t know anyone who would just grab me without even being introduced.

Egg: Maybe I should call him… Find out what was going on.

Egg: Well one thing’s for sure this isn’t getting my book read!

Sprout: Haha, best viagra you crazy lady!

Egg: What?!

Sprout: You talk to self! I HEAR you!!

Egg: No, no, I was talking to Evie-Pea
Sprout: What?

Egg: Evie, come out…
Evie: Whaaa?

Evie: Hai!!


Sprout: EEEEEEE!!! new FRIEND!


Double trouble!!


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