A clarifying phonecall

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This photostory was written together with Mystaia, generic viagra Gabriel & Anna are her dolls.

Recap…. Gabriel and Anna went to meet up with Mina. After being introduced to Theo Gabriel wandered off and bumped into Egg. He gave her a big hug, which seemed to confuse everyone (including himself) so he feels like he should apologise…

Gabriel: I want to, but I’m not sure if I should…
Anna: Oh, don’t be silly. Anyway, I’ve dialed Mina’s number already.

Mina: Hello?
Anna: Hi Mina, is Seraphine there? Gabriel wants to talk to her.
Mina: Oh, yeah, I’ll get her.

Anna: Just talk!

Mina: *whisper* Answer it!!

Gabriel: H-hello?

Egg: Hi. I was, ah, thinking of calling you.

Mina: I’ll give you some space

Gabriel: Oh… uh…. really? You’re not mad at me?

Egg: I’m not sure what I am…. I think confused? I’m not really sure quite what happened when we met…

Gabriel: Um, yeah. About that… I’m really sorry!
Gabriel: I mistook you for someone else…

Egg: Oh, you… huh… You, err, you must have really wanted to see them. Do I look like one of your friends?
Gabriel: Ah. Um… no, I thought maybe… um… like a messenger. From, uh… someone who works with my dad.

Egg: Huh, ok…
Gabriel: We didn’t get a chance to meet properly did we. So you’re Seraphine, Mina’s friend or..?

Egg: Oh… everyone calls me Egg. I, ah, I don’t like Seraphine – too “angely”, I’m staying here while I’m at uni.

Gabriel: Oh, Egg is it? So… you don’t like angels then?

Egg: Well, you know… it’s all a bit silly isn’t it?! If I went by the name Angel I’d end up dressing all cute with big feathery wings *laugh*

Gabriel: … oh… yeah…
Gabriel: But you know, I think people just misunderstand that about angels. They can be just like normal people too.

Egg: You, ah… you believe in actual real angels?

Gabriel: Mmmm…yeah… I suppose I do… And I guess you don’t, right?

Egg: Well, I, errr, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who actually does… I don’t believe in any of that stuff I’m afraid. It all seems a bit far fetched to me… big bloke in the sky with a long white beard *laugh*

Gabriel: …hehe… yeah, I guess. It’s kinda hard to explain though… I mean…
Gabriel: I don’t want you to think I’m stupid or anything… but I feel like I really know that kind of stuff is out there.
Gabriel: Though it’s okay if you don’t. I understand it’s hard to believe something you’ve never seen.

Egg; No, no I don’t think you’re stupid… lots of people need to believe in something right?

Egg: huh? Oh!

Egg: I have to go. We’ll talk again though right?

Gabriel: What? Oh. Yeah. I’d like that. Thanks for talking to me, Egg.

Gabriel: Egg? Oh, bye then

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