Chasing the phantom hair puller

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Egg is trying to catch whoever pulled her hair, cialis sales and has some things to talk to Mina about.

Mina: Egg, viagra canada are you ok?

Egg: *breathless* did, did you see someone come past?!

Mina: No, why? What’s the matter?

Egg: I, was on the phone and someone pulled my hair!

Mina: Oh, sorry, it was probably one of the girls, I’ll talk to them later.

Egg: Oh, right… of course.

Mina: So how did the call go? You want to chat?

Egg: Yeah, sure.

Egg: It was good, I think everything was sorted… he, thought I was someone else, I think.

Mina: Oh, huh, I guess that makes sense.

Egg: Oh, but you’ll never guess… he believe’s in angels!! Actual real angels!!

Mina: Well, that’s different… but you mustn’t laugh at people you know…

Egg: Oh, I know… I didn’t!

Egg: Still pretty funny though… You and Theo don’t believe in angels too do you?

Mina: Me and Theo? Well, I don’t, but Egg, Theo and I aren’t… together.
Egg: Oh! Sorry, I thought… you seem so… and he….

Mina: No, he, he’s not interested. He’s here visiting Rowan, that’s all.

Egg: But, you’d make a great couple! The way you are together is fantastic – I just assumed!

Mina: You really think he might…

*pat pat pat*

Egg: Aaah!

Mina: What?

Egg: It happened again!


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