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Just a typical evening at home with the guys.


Egg: Wha, viagra sale what are you doing?
Mina: Tai Chi, discount cialis it’s supposed to be relaxing.


Egg: oh, ok. Can I take some pictures?


Mina: *sigh* if you must


Rowan: MIIINA! Sprout stole my teddy!!


Sprout: *giggles*


Mina: Mmmhmm, Sprout, give it back. Good girl.


Piper: COME BACK!!!
Claudia: *hehehe*


Mina: Calm down, bed time soon
Piper+ Claudia: yes Mina, sorry.


Egg: Is it really calming?


Mina: Kind of… I’m not sure I’m getting the full effects.


Theo: Mina, your demon cat thing has got hair all over my shirt!


Mina: Sorry Theo, I think there are some clean ones on the dryer


Egg: …




Theo: Ok. Thank you.


Egg: *whisper* did you see him!?
Mina: What?
Egg: Oh wow… just wow… yummy!


Mina: Egg! Really!



Egg: Sorry Mina.



Mina: Oh… wow…


Egg: I know!


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