Night of dreams part 2

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This one is pretty different to my usual stories… but, tadalafil once it was in my head I had to make it – and it kind of explains some stuff I think.

*whisper* Mina…

Theo: Mina…

Mina: Oh.

Mina: Theo I…


Mina: Theo?

Theo: shush Mina…

Mina: *gasp*

Theo: Nooo!


Piper: Theo!

Piper: Whats the matter? Bad dream?

Theo: I killed her, viagra buy I couldn’t stop… Mina…

Piper: *gasp* no, no… Mina’s ok. Everyone’s ok.

Piper: It was a bad dream Theo…
Theo: It doesn’t matter.

Piper: Of course it matters! Everyone is fine!
Theo: But, but it means I could…

Piper: Oh, but you’re a vampire… I thought you could anyway.

Theo: No, I’ve never… I can’t, couldn’t.

Theo: I’m not a normal vampire, something went wrong… I’m just… me.

Piper: Huh, see I knew you were nice! But I don’t understand.

Theo: When I was, changed… I had a little brother, I couldn’t hurt him, I kept part of me that usually goes… I can’t kill. Or I thought I couldn’t, till tonight.

Piper: You’re good. Claudia and I, we know these things. You couldn’t hurt Mina.

Theo: Urgh, I wish I was as confident as you little fairy.

Piper: Listen, I love Mina and Rowan, if I thought you could hurt them I wouldn’t be saying this… it was a dream.
Theo: But it was so real… I wanted to…

Theo: I wanted too… I’ve never felt that before… but, I wanted to.

Piper: I can’t understand what it’s like, but I know you wont hurt them.

Theo: Huh, stubbern little fairy.

Theo: I just, I don’t understand what’s going on.


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