The morning after

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This one is a bit late… I made it ages ago and didn’t get round to posting! Sorry!!

It follows on directly from the previous two stories.

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Mina: Are you sure you’re allowed to wear these socks with your uniform?

Rowan: Mmhmmm, sure.

Mina: Right… ok…


Theo: Are you ready to go to school Ro?


Mina: Nearly ready, morning Theo.


Theo: Oh, morning Mina, need a hand?

Mina: Thanks *smile*


Mina: Oh, oop! Sorry.


Theo: are you, ok Mina?
Mina: Oh, yes… sorry.


Mina: … *blush*


Theo: What’s the matter?

Mina: Oh, I uh, I had a umm, dream about you last night.


Theo: Oh, right… I… uh. *frown*


Mina: *quickly* it was a nice dream! I mean… oh. 


Theo: Right. Of course.


Mina: It, it doesn’t matter… everyone knows dreams don’t really mean anything *laugh*


Theo: No, of course not. I’ll be outside.


Mina: What did I say…

Rowan: weeeell


Rowan: You probably shouldn’t have told him you were dreaming about him?


Mina: Oh right, yeah… I’m so bad at this…

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