A decision…

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I’m sorry about the lighting in this one… I need it to be summer again! I miss the sun…

Theo: …

Piper: What are you doing Theo?

Theo: Hmm, viagra generic oh. Hi Piper, sildenafil just thinking.

Piper: Can I come up?

Theo: Sure, can you… oh.

Piper: It’s ok, I got myself up!

Theo: Oh! Right, fairy…

Piper: So what are you thinking about?
Theo: Mina.

Piper: Still worried about the dream?

Theo: No, well, yes. But that’s not what I’m thinking about. I think I might be falling for her.

Piper: Well, yess… are you thinking about, umm, asking her out?

Theo: Oh, well, I can’t really. What if something went wrong… I really like living here with you guys, I don’t want to mess it up!

Piper: That’s hardly a reason not to love someone! Mina is amazing, she’s sweet and kind and pretty and, and

Theo: More than pretty! She’s beautiful!

Piper: Finally! So why aren’t you already with her!

Theo: When you put it like that…
Piper: Yea, look if you don’t… someone else will, she really is a great person.

Theo: I know, ok, ok! *laugh* I’ll talk to her.

Piper: That should be interesting to see…

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