Talking to Mina

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Theo trys to have a chat with Mina…

Theo: Hi Mina, viagra usa can I join you?
Mina: Oh, viagra buy of course.

Theo: I’ve been, thinking… about, uh, living here… and things.
Mina: Oh, oh ok… uh, what about it?

Theo: Well I…
*muffled shouting*
Mina: Oooh no…

Sprout: *nom nom nom*

Mina: Rowan! What is going on, put her down!

Rowan: Fine! She got the last cookie!

Sprout: *giggles* Yummy!

Mina: *sigh* Rowan, we have more cookies…

Mina: Come on, lets go get a cookie.

Rowan: Thank you!
Mina: Oh, Theo, you… wanted to talk?

Theo: *smile* No, it’s ok.. it’ll wait.

Mina: Uh, ok, if you’re sure. I’ll get you a cookie too *smile*

Sprout: Can I have ‘nother cookie!?


Mina + Rowan: NO!


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