Still trying to talk to Mina…

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Please don’t hate me… Theo tries again!

Mina: *sigh*

Mina: Hurm, buy cialis how do I reply to that…

Theo: Hi Mina, discount cialis what are you doing?
Mina: Oh, I’m tweeting some friends from my phone.

Theo: You’re… huh?
Mina: It doesn’t matter *smile*

Theo: Mina, I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while, I’ve been living here a few months now and…

Mina: Oh, it, it’s been lovely having you here Theo!

Theo: Thanks, the thing is…

Sprout: Run, Run, Run

Theo: huh!

Sprout: Hide, hide, hide!!
Mina: What’s….

Rowan: I CAN see you you know!

Mina: Rowan, what’s going on?


Mina: Rowan, I’m sure she’ll let you have it back if you ask nicely.

Sprout: NO! Is yummy! I licked it, mine now!
Mina: Oh Sprout…

Rowan: I really wanted that biscuit.

Theo: I’m sure there are other biscuits Rowan, can’t you just get another?

Rowan: It was the last chocolate one *sniff*

Sprout: Yummmy!

Mina: *sigh* Ok, right.

Mina: Come on Rowan, I’ll help you find something just as nice.

Rowan: *sniff* maybe we could make cakes?
Mina: Ok, ok, we’ll go make some cakes.

Mina: Theo, I’m sorry, I think this could take a while… we’ll talk later.

Theo: We have got to get a lock for that biscuit tin!

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