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Theo finally tracks Mina down…

Mina: This is silly… I can’t hide in here all the time…


Mina: And he might just leave anyway, discount viagra even if he doesn’t get to tell me he’s going.


Mina: *sigh* I wouldn’t blame him.


Ali: *mmrp*


Mina: Oh, sorry. *skritch*


Theo: Aha, here you are!


Theo: You’re avoiding me?
Mina: umm…


Mina: Yes, sorry Theo.
Theo: But why?

Mina: Well, you… said you wanted to talk. and I, didn’t want to hear what you were going to say.


Theo: Oh.


Mina: *sigh* Off you go Ali, time to go play somewhere else.


Ali: *grrrrowl*


Mina: See, the thing is, I really like having you around.


Mina: It’s been amazing having you here helping with the girls, and keeping me company.
Theo: but…


Mina: No, I, I just didn’t want you to tell me you were leaving. 


Mina: But of course, you have to sooner or later…


Theo: Mina, I’m not leaving…


Theo: I love being here, it’s great spending time with Rowan, and the girls, and, you.


Theo: Mina, I… you, you’re… you’re amazing. 


Rowan: Mina, will you read me this book?


Mina + Theo: No!


Rowan: I only asked…


Theo: Sorry Rowan, uh, we’re a bit busy. Can you give us some time.


Theo: *sigh* Sorry, I…
Mina: You, really, like me?


Mina: You like me like that?!


Theo: I don’t see how anyone couldn’t like you… you’re so sweet and kind and lovely, and beautiful.


Theo: I don’t know what to ask you, but would you, uh… 


Mina: Oh, oh… I.


Mina: You want to… date?


Theo: Do you?



Mina: Hmmm…



Mina: Yes.

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