Poor Rowan?

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Rowan got so much sympathy in the last story I thought I’d better let everyone know she’s really fine!

Egg: Hey Ro-Bo, viagra what’s going on?

Rowan: Don’t know, generic viagra I’m hungry

Egg: Oh, uh, where’s Mina?

Rowan: In her room… she was talking to Theo… 

Rowan: They told me to go away *sniff*

Egg: They told you to… 

Egg: Oooooh…

Egg: Ok, honey… lets, uh, round the girls up and go get some Pizza!

Rowan: Oh yay! Should I go tell Mina?!

Egg: Oh, uh, nooo, I’ll go and let them know.

Egg: umm, Mina!
*muffled* mmhmm?

Egg: I’m taking the girls out for Pizza, you, guys want a takeaway?

*muffled* umm, no thanks!

Rowan: They’re really not coming?

Egg: No honey, they’re, uh… having a chat

Rowan: Ooooh, are they kissing?!

Egg: ugh, YES! Now get your shoes on and get out the house!

Rowan: YAY!!!

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