Mina and Theo

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Mina: mmmmm

Mina: *happy sigh*

Theo: Huh? Hey…

Theo: You still, viagra generic sleep with a bear? *smile*

Mina: Ummm, yes… problem?

Theo: No! That’s, cute.

Mina: It is not cute it’s… uh, very mature, and appealing. 

Theo: Oh right, that’s exactly what I meant to say. Does he have a name?

Mina: Yes,
Theo: aaaand? 


Mina: aaand, I’m not telling you.


Mina: *kiss*
Theo: Hey, how come he gets the kisses now?


Mina: Oh, sorry…


Mina: So, I’m your, girlfriend now?


Theo: Uh, girlfriend?
Mina: Hmm, sounds a bit highschool?


Theo: Maybe a bit, partner?
Mina: Oh, maybe a bit serious… for now.


Theo: *grin* Lover?


Mina: Excuse me?! *smile* I’m not that kind of girl!


Theo: *sigh* Oh, all those wasted month… right I’m off 


Mina: You!!


Theo: Kidding, I’m kidding…


Mina: Hey, when’s your Birthday?


Theo: Oh, uh, June… why?
Mina: Because I didn’t know.



Mina: How old are you?


Theo: Oh, ah… does it matter?


Mina: Huh, oh… no. You wont tell me?


Theo: ummmm…


Mina: Is there something wrong? I, I can wait till you’re ready to talk.


Theo: I’m, uh, older than you.. can we talk about it later?


Mina: Mmmhmm, sure I don’t want to spoil this *smile*


Theo: Thank you.

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