Mina and Theo talk

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This one is a bit long… but she has a lot to talk about!

Mina: Hey Theo, cialis generic what are you doing?
Theo: Oh, viagra usa umm, nothing really.

Mina: Can I come up?

Theo: Of course, up you come…

*** eeeek! ***

Mina: *oooof* Well… that was hardly lady like!
Theo: *laughs* Sorry!

Mina: Hmm, well… that’s ok.

Theo: Were you looking for me?
Mina: Yes, I wanted to ask some, uh, questions…

Mina: About the, the vampire thing.
Theo: Ah, ok…

Theo: I guess I gave you a lot to think about, what, do you want to know?

Mina: Oh, well… everything really.. .ah, so, how old are you?

Theo: Ok, well, I’m not totally sure, but about 150, I think.

Mina: Ok.. that’s pretty old.
Theo: Yeah… I guess it is.

Mina: I was wondering… about what you. Eat.

Theo: I thought everyone knew about that…

>Mina: Well, yes but… you don’t… really kill people do you? Do you…?
Theo: NO! No of course not… well, I don’t. We don’t need that much, and animals do at a push… it’s not as good of course, but I can live on it.

Mina: Oh… you do bite people… you’re not going to bite me are you…

Theo: *laugh* no, no of course not… if you don’t want me to..
Mina: Theo!!

Theo: Sorry Mina *grin* was there anything else?

Mina: well… I was wondering about, um, girlfriends… have you had a lot?

Theo: Mina! Are you sure you want to talk about that?
Mina: Oh, that means a lot doesn’t it…

Theo: *laugh* No, no, not a lot.. some though sure.

Mina: Well, some is ok… is that since you’ve been a vampire or before?

Theo: Mostly after… though I was married before.

Mina: Oh… married… wow.

Theo: Is that… ok? It was a long time ago…
Mina: Umm, yeah, sure… I guess.

Mina: What was she like? What was her name? *gasp* did you have children?!
Theo: No, there weren’t any children. Mina… she died a long, long time ago… I don’t, I haven’t thought about it for such a long time…

Mina: I’m sorry, I didn’t want to bring back bad memories.
Theo: No, no it’s fine. You can talk about whatever you want with me. I just, I don’t really remember… she died, they, the others killed her. They wanted me to join them but I didn’t.

Theo: This is such a long time ago… I don’t, I haven’t thought about it for such a long time. *sigh* I’m sorry.

Mina: No, I’m sorry.
Theo: Don’t be… I want you to know. I had a brother, and he had a son. His family was killed too, but they didn’t kill the baby, so I kind of had to stay, me, to take care of him… I made sure he grew up safe and I’ve, stayed in touch since. Rowan is his Great-Great-Great Granddaughter.

Mina: Ohh, oh I see… so you really are her Great Uncle. I wondered about that.

Theo: Was there, anything else?

Mina: I have been wondering if you being a… a vampire means we can’t do… stuff.

Theo: Stuff? What do you mean?

Mina: Well… y’know… ummm, being… close…
Theo: Aaaaah… I see.

Theo: Oh, no… being a vampire doesn’t mean we can’d do “stuff”

Mina: Oh, oh well that’s, that’s good to know…
Theo: You want a demonstration maybe?

Piper: Miiiiinaaaa!!!

Mina: Agh! Piper what do you want?!

Mina: *gasp*
Theo: Ah! Piper!!
Piper: What are you doing?

Theo: Piper, we’re kind of busy…

Mina: *sigh* No, it’s ok… what’s the matter Piper?

Piper: *sniff* no-one will play with me, and I want to go play outside, it’s a lovely day and I want to go out!
Mina: Oh, oh… Piper, we’re uh… Theo and I are…
Theo: No, it’s ok… go on Piper, Mina will be there in a minute.

Piper: Thank you!!

Mina: Are you sure…
Theo: *laugh* it’s fine.

Theo: There’s always later…

4 thoughts on “Mina and Theo talk

    • Thank you, they live in a busy house don’t they! I think Mina needs to make sure she has a lock on her bedroom door… at some point anyway 😉

  1. Hehehe, Mina’s so cute with her questions. They really are adorable together. It’s good that Theo doesn’t get all ruffled every time a little girl comes around, though. Love knowing that Rowan is his niece! How cute!

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