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Egg: *humming*

Mina: Hey Egg, discount viagra have you got a minute?

Egg: Hmm, sure, what’s up?

Mina: *sigh* I don’t know… just wanted a girly chat really.

Egg: Is everything ok? What’s the matter?

Mina: Oh, nothing really… I just, wanted to talk to someone…

Egg: *mutters* Oh no…

Egg: Is this about you and Theo? Aren’t things going well? Are you two going to break up?!
Mina: No, no.. we’re ok. I think.

Egg: Right, what’s the matter! We’re getting this sorted!
Mina: Egg! Really… it’s fine

Mina: I’m just a bit, confused.

Egg: Has he said something? Did you fight?
Mina: No, no nothing… well… I don’t know!

Egg: Maybe I should talk to him…

Mina: Egg! No! I’m just, I’m worried he’s not… right for me.

Egg: Oh, what would make you think that? You two seem perfect together.
Mina: You think? Oh I don’t know, I guess I’m a bit scared, it’s getting a bit, serious.

Egg: I’m not sure I understand…
Mina: well, I guess, I’m, scared of getting hurt.

Egg: I don’t think Theo would hurt you… he really cares about you.

Mina: *sigh* I know he does… I just. I don’t know whether to trust him or not.

Egg: Well… I don’t know, seems to me if you don’t trust anyone you’ll always be alone…
Mina: Yeah, I guess so… I want to trust him.

Egg: *sigh* *flop* Wow, relationships huh… I thought you two had it sussed… you just seem so right.

Mina: I’ve never, had, a relationship before! I guess that doesn’t help.

Egg: Theo seems like a good place to start, he’s kind, good with Rowan, handsome… and that body… wow.
Mina: *laugh* hey watch it you…

Mina: You, know… you’re right. Ok, so maybe he’s not quite what I expected… but he’s still Theo.

Mina: Thanks Sweetie!
Egg: Noooo problem

Egg: *happy sigh*

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