Summer days

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I struggled with the title for this one, discount viagra but I love the summery feel of these photos 🙂


Theo: Hey Mina, can I join you?

Mina: Oh! You made me jump! You don’t usually come outside?

Theo: *smile* You found a nice shady spot.

Mina: That’s good, it’s nice to see you.

Theo: You’ve been doing some more thinking I guess?

Mina: Yes, quite a bit… and I’ve talked to a few people.

Theo: Has it helped?

Mina: Yeah, I think so…

Theo: Well that’s good. You can always talk to me too you know.
Mina: Oh I know, I will do too… I still have lots of questions.

Mina: But we have plenty of time don’t we.

Theo: Of course.

Mina: It’s nice here, peaceful.

Theo: For a change…

Theo: We should take advantage…

Mina: Mmmmm, that sounds like a good idea.

Mina: Oh! But the girls are bound to find us soon.
Theo: Nope… not this time, though I do owe Piper a favour.

Mina: Oh well, in that case…

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