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Mina: Oooh, not another one! 
Rowan: Who is it? 
Ru: Another little one!! It’s got to be! 

Rowan: Nooo, I think it’s a bigger box than that… 
Mina: Come on, lets open it up and let her out! 

Alfie: Will you open it for us? 
Me: Sure. 

Rowan: *sigh* lots of wrapping! 

Ru: Can you hear me little one!! We’re nearly there!! 

Mina: Nearly there… 
Rowan: I recognise this box!! I have a box like this! 

Rowan: Haaay, this looks like Fox! Is Fox coming to stay? 
Me: Noo, not Fox. 

Mina: *gasp* look at all this stuff! 
Rowan: All green… hmmm… 

Ru: Whoever it is they have a big head! 

Rowan: I KNOW this blanket!! 

Weezle: Hi! 

Mina: Oh… 

Ru: Hiii!!! *hug* 

Alfie: Hi, I uh… you like green… would you like to share my toys? 
Weezle: Thanks! 

Rowan: ummm, hi *blush* 
Weezle: Hi… Rowan. 

Weezle: Hi Lady, where’s my room? 

I think he’s going to settle in just fine! 


So… this guy made me break the rules BIG time… 

When I first saw LittleFee I fell in love with two very cheeky adorable boys scalled Woozle and Weezle… their owner Maz (who I’m sure some of you know) did Rowan (and Theo’s) faceup for me. 

She posted on flickr this week that she’s leaving the hobby and selling off all her dolls Sad so anyway… I messaged her to see what was happening to the boys… and she agreed to sell me Weezle… Woozle has already gone, but as a blank Shiwoo doll, not the character. I was SO lucky and she allowed me to adopt one of my favourite ever dolls.

*end ramble!*

8 thoughts on “Box opening

  1. Aww, how sweet! Sorry to hear that Maz is leaving the hobby. I always loved her little ones. But I’m glad that one will be living on with you! Welcome home, Weezle!

    • Thank you, I was upset too… she’s keeping the tinies though, and Teezle 🙂

      I’m so excited about getting him, he really is a lovely guy!

      • awww he looks so happy… I actually got chocked up ^_^
        reading the story.

        Im so glad he has lots of friends and I know he will be
        very happy with your little gang.

        His sisters Teezle and little Limaria say hello and sleeping Woozle sent some ZZZZ’s but
        then he was always a snoozy head lol

        I look forward to seeing loads of pics in the future.

        and don’t worry I have only 70% left the hobby, still keeping my littleones and once im sorted will post more pics. promise

        🙂 xx

        • Oh Maz… BIG hugs! I meant what I said… if you change your mind please do let me know! I would love it even if he’s only here for a visit.

          Look forward to seeing pics of your girls if you get a chance 😀


          • awww thanks hun, but he’s your little lad now, I have got Woozle here.. well sleepy woozle lol and I know Weezle is happy so its all good promise you. xxxx

    • Thank you, isn’t he fabulous!

      Rowan has always had a bit of a crush on the boys… I think she’s a bit overawed we have one living with us!

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