Seth meet… ?

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A new arrival today… unfortunately no-one was around to open the box.



Muffled voice: Hey…. anyone?


Seth: Hmmm, cialis usa what was that?

Muffled voice: Over here… anyone??


Muffled voice: Helloooooo!


Seth: Umm, viagra canada hi… is there someone in there?


Muffled voice: YES! Get me out!

Seth: Ok, ok… I’m on it.


Seth: Hi!

Girl: Hi… about time! You going to get me out?


Seth: Right… getting out, sure thing.


Seth: *heave*


Seth: Oh… oh my.


Girl: Hi… it’s Elliot, can I have a hand?

Seth: Uhh, sure.


Elliot: So, you going to sit staring or fetch me some clothes?

Seth: Oh… sorry.


Elliot: Well, there is a third option… but we’ve only just met…


Seth: *gulp* I’ll go get you some clothes….


Elliot: Hmmm, pity.


— little later —


Seth: Here, clothes!


Elliot: Oooh, shopping.


Elliot: There’s a lot of pink…


Seth: Yeah, that’s Mina.


Elliot: *sigh* you can look, I’m dressed


Seth: Oh, I think they’re Theo’s trousers…

Elliot: Hmm? Were they?


Elliot: Right, are you going to show me round?


Seth: Oh great, if I get blamed for this…

5 thoughts on “Seth meet… ?

    • Thank you 😀

      She’s a Rheia – she’s going off for a faceup soon so I’m trying not to fall in love with her too much looking like this!

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