RealPuki box opening

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I’ve been wanting a RealPuki for a VERY long time… I was hugely excited when FL said they were re-releasing them and doing some new sculpts for their 10th anniversary! I ordered on the first day and Pupu replaced the Roro I had wanted to buy… they arrived today, viagra sales after not too long a wait!

I picked them up at lunch time and couldn’t wait to get home… it was killer having them in the car and having to work!

Obligatory box pic, discount cialis though torn open already…

Inside… one bigger than the other – had me puzzled!

Ahhh, basic and fullset, of course! Looks like FL didn’t get round to getting pics of Pupu and Popo for their boxes!

Caution! Unsurprisingly this was on Soso’s box… something about not letting him near alcohol… food after midnight, the usual stuff 😉

I opened both at once, didn’t seem right to pick one over the other! (is he waving?)

As soon as I saw the body I had to grab him (or her…) Cuuuute!!


Pupu was just popped in the bag, I didn’t pause for pics then! Look at that little face!

She demanded clothes, instantly!

All dressed…

well, one dressed! and ready for trouble!

I haven’t got names for them, or really decided which is boy and which girl… Pupu was going to be a girl called Lottie, but now it might be the other way round. I’ll see!

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