A doll a day June #1 Weezle

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generic viagra on Flickr” href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/emmr_/7315908206/”>ADAD June #1 Weezle


The plan is to do a doll a day, each doll in turn with 10 facts about them as well… I’d like to build up some of the characters, and also decide who, if any, I can part with. So number 1, Weezle.

1. Character
Cheeky and boyish

2. Favourite Person

3. Favourite Person who doesn’t live here
His brother Woozle

4. Favourite Colour
Green… of course!

5. Most likely to…
Put a worm in your shoes

6. Favourite food

7. Favourite thing to do
Annoy Seth

8. Doesn’t like
Stinky smelly girls! (except Zephie, who doesn’t count apparently)

9. Most likely to say
It wasn’t me!

10. One thing he’d like to be bought
He’s actually one of the least demanding of my guys… he’s pretty happy as he is, but then he has some great clothes, and toys that are just his.

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