A doll a day June #3 Seth

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ADAD June #3 Seth

1. Character
Cheeky, viagra sales flirty and just a little bit trouble. But also a nice guy (tries to hide it though)

2. Favourite Person
His son Alfie

3. Favourite Person who doesn’t live here
His girlfriend Bellona Lua who lives in Australia with TeaPartyRevolution

4. Favourite Colour
He’s not really that bothered, viagra but probably blue

5. Most likely to…
Take his shirt off

6. Favourite food
Red wine

7. Favourite thing to do
Chat to Bellona… anything other than that I’m not mentioning here.

8. Doesn’t like
Me most of the time… because I wont send him to Australia.

9. Most likely to say
Can I check my email?

10. One thing he’d like to be bought
He’s not that fussed about clothes, but I think he’d like a couple more tops… something of his own that he doesn’t have to share with Theo – though he has some things that are just his.

Extra photos (being Seth of course there’s two…)


Lovely guy

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