Trying to decide whether to keep her!

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I’m struggling quite a bit with this one… she’s cute… but does she fit in here. I spent some time taking photos to put her to the pose test 🙂


Finn is very cute…


Pretty girl

I quite like the shape of her body…

lovely body




touching face


So.. what do you think?  I like her a lot, viagra buy but at the same time she doesn’t get any attention here, and while she’s lovely, I just… don’t know!

6 thoughts on “Trying to decide whether to keep her!

  1. I let my Lati Blue Cara go… she was gorgeous and her body was lovely, but it was her hands that drove me crazy. Especially compared to other mature MSD bodies like MNF/Narae/Unoa… hers just didn’t do it for me! Because you use hands a lot in your photography maybe the less expressive hands aren’t for you either?

    • They’re not too bad… but they are quite, boring. I have all the hands for my MiniFees and love them, so yeah. Good point!

  2. She is lovely, and her body is nice! Better than I thought! How about asking some pics of her with some f the others and see ow she fits?

    • I think that’s the plan… but I might just put her up for sale anyway and see if I get any takers… I wouldn’t miss her if she left… I *want* to love her and for her to work despite not being FL, but it’s really not!

    • I know… I think it’s the same problem I had with my Soo… I really want the character, but I haven’t found the right doll for her yet!

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