A doll a day June #4 Ali

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I don’t think many people know much about Ali, generic viagra as he’s not in the stories, but he’s had a very strong character for me from as soon as he got here.

ADAD June #4 Ali

1. Character
Vicious fighter… and lover of cuddles, warmth and sleep.

2. Favourite Person
Anyone willing to feed him

3. Favourite Person who doesn’t live here
Kitty who’s gone to live with a friend, he’s not upset she’s not here, but she’s still a friend.

4. Favourite Colour

5. Most likely to…
Scratch you, then fall asleep on your knee.

6. Favourite food
Someone else’s

7. Favourite thing to do

8. Doesn’t like
Being told not to do something (I have a few like that…)

9. Most likely to say
*Mrrooooow…* mine?

10. One thing he’d like to be bought
Somewhere warm to sleep

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