A doll a day June #5 Flóki

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We went to an army museum place today and Flóki came with me

ADAD June 5 Floki by emmr_ {new account}, viagra generic on Flickr

1. Character
Quiet, discount cialis thoughtful (and a little bit slow…)

2. Favourite Person
Seth and Alfie

3. Favourite Person who doesn’t live here
Robin… one of my friends on flickr who is always asking about him

4. Favourite Colour

5. Most likely to…
Stand on your foot.

6. Favourite food

7. Favourite thing to do
Get out and about with me.

8. Doesn’t like
Me taking him away and leaving him in his travelling pouch…

9. Most likely to say

10. One thing she’d like to be bought
Nothing… he’s pretty happy as he is.

I tried to get a pic of Floki on a machine gun… but it was far too windy.. this was the first attempt

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