A doll a day June #7 Zephie

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ADAD June #7 Zephie by emmr_ {new account}, viagra generic on Flickr

1. Character
Cheeky, bubbly and happy.

2. Favourite Person

3. Favourite Person who doesn’t live here
I’m not sure… I don’t think she’s been here long enough to make friends outside the family.

4. Favourite Colour
Rainbow… every colour!

5. Most likely to…
Be up to something…

6. Favourite food

7. Favourite thing to do
Make people smile, or get up to something with Weezle.

8. Doesn’t like
People being grumpy.

9. Most likely to say

10. One thing she’d like to be bought
My little ponies… she wants to build up her collection. Also a few tops, she doesn’t have many clothes.

Extra – it was raining pretty hard…

and an extra extra, she loves her new top!

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