A doll a day June #9 Quinn

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viagra sale on Flickr” href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/emmr_/7172166315/”>ADAD June #9 Quinn

1. Character
Quiet and sweet

2. Favourite Person
Harley, cialis buy of course.

3. Favourite Person who doesn’t live here
Krowbar who did her faceup and blushing

4. Favourite Colour

5. Most likely to…
Be somewhere with Harley

6. Favourite food

7. Favourite thing to do

8. Doesn’t like
Loud noises.

9. Most likely to say
I’m not sure I’ve ever *heard* her talk… she just has a way of letting you know what she wants.

10. One thing she’d like to be bought
Nothing… she’s perfectly happy with what she has.

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