A doll a day June #10 Everyone

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Since everyone came home… I thought I’d take a break and have a family photo.

A doll a day June #10 Everyone by emmr_ {new account}, discount cialis on Flickr

and 10 random facts about them!

1. Piper and Rowan have been here the longest, viagra canada both arriving on 4 July 2009

2. I get uncomfortable with more than 4 in the same size… but I want more MiniFee and PukiFee, and already have 6 LittleFee

3. I like to have pairs… most of my dolls have a ‘partner’ even if it’s not a relationship

4. I prefer my tiny dolls to be fantasy dolls, specially the puipuki

5. Although I really want to find a girly pukipuki to wear all the pretty dresses I have.

6. I sold my first boy LittleFee (Bisou also called Alfie) as I thought I didn’t like boy dolls… that seems to have changed

7. When I see them like this I get overwhelmed and want to halve the number I have, but then who could possibly go?

8. I don’t spend enough money on eyes and wigs… I would like to get new wigs for Zephie, Theo, Beckett and Piper.

9. I never intended Mina to be a pink girl… her wig was just a cheap one to see what it would look like while I got her a proper one. She was meant to have pale blonde mohair.

10. Everytime I look at any of my dolls they make me smile… that’s how I know I can’t sell any of them XD

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