A doll a day June #12 Theo

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ADAD June #12 Theo by emmr_ {new account}, viagra sale on Flickr

1. Character
Quiet, cialis canada thoughtful and gentlemanly… he’s a nice guy.

2. Favourite Person
Mina, and Rowan

3. Favourite Person who doesn’t live here
I’m not sure he has one…

4. Favourite Colour

5. Most likely to…
Be somewhere with Mina.

6. Favourite food
Well.. Theo is a vampire so…

7. Favourite thing to do
Spend time with Mina, with no distractions.

8. Doesn’t like
The tinies sometimes… see above.

9. Most likely to say
Oh what now… (see above, again)

10. One thing she’d like to be bought
He’s pretty happy, I think he’d like some more nice fitting clothes, maybe a shirt as Seth stole his.

Extra pics

Mina: you’ve finished now right?

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