A doll a day June #16 Rose

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ADAD June #16 Rose by emmr_ {new account}, viagra buy on Flickr

1. Character
Sweet and inquisitive

2. Favourite Person
Mina, Theo, Seth and Rowan – she likes everyone really.

3. Favourite Person who doesn’t live here
Vulcan who lives with TeaPartyRevolution

4. Favourite Colour
Anything pretty… pink often.

5. Most likely to…
Ask for cuddles

6. Favourite food
Cake and sweet things

7. Favourite thing to do
Have a tea party

8. Doesn’t like
Boring people

9. Most likely to say
Do you want to have a tea party?

10. One thing she’d like to be bought
Ah… one thing? That’s tricky… pretty dresses, shoes… hair grips, toys… the list is endless.

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