A doll a day June #21 – Beckett

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ADAD June 21 Beckett by emmr_ {new account}, best viagra on Flickr

This is a very difficult one for me… Beckett is still new and I haven’t had time to get to know him through stories yet. But I’m pretty sure he’s staying.

1. Character
Quiet, little bit sinister… but loyal.

2. Favourite Person

3. Favourite Person who doesn’t live here
Doesn’t have one… yet.

4. Favourite Colour
Browns and blacks

5. Most likely to…
Be up so something he really shouldn’t

6. Favourite food
Not sure.

7. Favourite thing to do
Look moody and fabulous

8. Doesn’t like
Being ignored… which means he’s annoyed with me quite a lot!

9. Most likely to say
I’m not entirely sure he speaks yet!

10. One thing he’d like to be bought
He came with a lot of clothes, but I think he’d like a casual outfit… I’ll have to work on that.

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